And in Miami they speak Russian

When it comes to Russians in America, Brighton Beach in Brooklyn immediately comes to mind – the Russian citadel in New York. In fact, in the United States, there are many places in which people from the countries of the former USSR live in their favorite zones, where Russian speakers can live without even speaking English. One of these noteworthy places is the Sunny Isles in Miami. Of course, ours live in many other cities of the state of Florida (for me, who came to Italy from the USSR 25 years ago, all immigrants from the former Soviet republics are still “ours”, even if we are now foreigners to each other). Sunny Isles is nevertheless a special place. Here are Russian shops, restaurants, hairdressers, dry cleaners, etc. In addition, in all other types of business, there are always Russian speakers, even in the city hall and other official institutions.

The city library has a large selection of books in Russian. Many magazines, newspapers, and directories are published in Russian, all of which are free. In general, as in that joke – I’ve been in America for 25 years, and the Americans have not yet learned to speak Russian! By the way, not only emigrants from the former union live here, but also successful businessmen from Russia and Ukraine, as well as many Russian-speaking Israelis. Famous artists such as Alla Pugacheva, Phillip Kirkorov, Kristina Arbakaite, and Igor Nikolaev have real estate in Sunny Isles, Igor Krutoy and Valery Leontyev also live in Miami, and many others spend a lot of time in this sunny city. Often I see Andrei from Ivanushki International in one of the restaurants on the Russian square – this is the name for typical American-style commercial centers, in which 1-2 story shops are located around the square with parking lots. They call it Russian because most of the stores there are owned by Russians. These are mainly Russian and European goods, as well as a service in Russian. Miami in Florida USA
In general, everything that is produced in Europe, and in particular in Italy, in America, is reverently admired, and Italian cuisine is generally my favorite. This flatters me, an Italian of Russian origin, as I sometimes call myself. A trifle, but it’s also nice when in a hairdressing salon or in a restaurant, girls dreamily roll their eyes when you tell them that you live in Italy. Do not think that I specifically boast of this, it’s just that Miami is also a famous resort city, and with so many visitors, the first question you are asked wherever you come from is where you come from? Well, naturally, many Russians, from wherever they come to Miami, from Moscow, New York or Rome sooner or later get to Sunny Isles. Someone because of the convenience of speaking Russian, and someone out of curiosity. Miami in Florida 4
In general, South Florida is a place where Canadians and Americans themselves from the northern states, including Russian speakers, come to winter. Many of my friends from New York and Chicago have real estate in Miami, the rest rent apartments from their own in Sunny Isles. This phenomenon is as massive as the flight of birds to warmer climes. Naturally, we are talking about people who do not need to go to work every day. These are not only pensioners for whom especially favorable conditions have been created in this state, by the way, but age discounts also start from 55 years old. Today, there are many types of activities for which a computer and the Internet are enough. In this regard, the high season in Florida in winter, not summer. Between November and April, prices for hotel services, cruises, etc.

Those who decide to visit Miami in the summer, for example, parents with school-age children, whose vacations from June can count on big discounts.vel

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