Instead of luxury, save the planet: stars that donate millions to fight the coronavirus

For more than three months, coronavirus outbreaks have occurred in every new country and claimed tens of thousands of lives. To somehow help people and doctors in their needs, world and Ukrainian celebrities give their own money and time to save the planet.

As of April 12, 1.9 million cases of coronavirus diseases were recorded in the world. Of these, 120 thousand are fatal, but almost half a million have already been cured and are at home on self-isolation. The number of patients includes stars from various fields – cinema, music, the fashion industry. Unfortunately, there are also losses among talented artists who suffered a viral infection and gave complications to the body that could no longer be fixed.
Therefore, global celebrities, in particular, Ukrainian opinion leaders, began to contribute to saving the planet. Someone donates money for the purchase of medical equipment, someone – for the needs of victims of domestic violence who suffered at the hands of aggressors during quarantine at home, someone – for tailoring personal safety equipment. Who are these philanthropists and what actions they have distinguished – read in LifeStyle 24.

Chiara Ferragni
Italian fashion blogger was one of the first to notice the outbreak of coronavirus in her native Milan and Italy in general. For more than a month she has not left her apartment on the street in order to protect herself and her family from becoming infected with the virus. When the disease began to progress in the Lombardy region, the blogger, along with her husband-rapper Fedez, launched a crowdfunding campaign. Italian blogger Chiara Ferragni donated 100 thousand euros to fight against coronavirus to purchase new intensive care hospital beds in the San Raffaele hospital in Milan.
The amount of her personal contribution to her husband reached 100 thousand euros. Along with this, Chiara continues to urge to help and support the action, despite the fact that the mortality rate in the country began to fall, and those who suffered severe symptoms of the disease agreed to continue treatment at home, thereby making room for people with complications. The total amount that people managed to collect on the account of the Ferragni fund, as of April 14, is almost 5 million euros.

Giorgio Armani
Back in late February, when luxury Fashion Weeks took place in Europe, the head of the prestigious Italian brand Giorgio Armani drew attention to the outbreak of coronavirus, which was gaining momentum in Italy. It was then that Milan Fashion Week took place, so many fashion shows were under threat. To protect his guests and the organizers of the event, he made a difficult decision to hold the show in an empty room only with the participation of models and the team that was preparing the show. Armani was actively discussing such a move in all the world media because they did not know that in the near future all luxury brands would be forced to completely cancel their events until the end of spring 2020.
When the eminent Italian Giorgio Armani assessed the difficult situation in Italy, he also donated considerable funds to the Coronavirus in Italy: Giorgio Armani donated 1 million euros for the needs of patients for the needs of patients with coronavirus. Three hospitals in Milan and the Department of Civil Protection, which is Italy’s national authority for forecasting, warning and emergency management, received € 1 million.

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds
The famous Hollywood couple Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds also responded to the coronavirus pandemic in the world. It is worth adding that the United States today ranks first in the number of patients in the world, and Donald Trump declared the regime of “disaster” in the country. Therefore, the stars decided to take care of food Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds donated $ 1 million to the charity of those who were on the verge of starvation due to a pandemic. The couple donated $ 1 million to the fund of two charitable organizations – Feeding America and Food Banks Canada. Representatives of organizations are known to help adult and low-income families with food products.
Spouses also urge all Americans and fans from other countries to join the charity to support people who, due to the difficult financial situation, are unable to eat well.

One of the largest donations to the fight against coronavirus was made by Barbados singer Rihanna. The star donated a whopping $ 7 million for various needs. 5 million dollars
 – to support medical centers and their equipment and protective clothing, including accelerating testing in the countries of Haiti and Malawi. She distributed these funds to Partners In Health, Direct Relief, International Rescue Committee, World Health Organization and Feeding America, where Lively and Reynolds had previously transferred funds.

The other 2.1 million dollars
 the star gave to the needs of victims of domestic violence who suffered during quarantine. Indeed, according to UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres, domestic violence has doubled in the world due to quarantine measures. The funds were directed to the Mayor’s Fund for Los Angeles, which provides assistance to victims of such situations.

In particular, Rihanna bought a ventilator for her father, Ronald Fenty, who was struck by coronavirus disease, and sent to Barbados. The man had complications and, according to him, he thought he would die. Consequently, the star saved his life, although she and her father always had a rather tense relationship.

When her fans started asking during one of the live broadcasts why she was giving all the money to charity and not releasing the long-awaited music album instead, Rihanna said that she’s “trying to save the world, unlike President Donald Trump.”

Arnold Schwarzenegger
“Iron Arnie” also does not graze the rear and decided to fork out Arnold Schwarzenegger donated $ 1 million for the needs of doctors during the pandemic for $ 1 million for the needs of doctors in connection with the Covid-19 pandemic. Schwarzenegger also encouraged his fans to join the charity and donate funds to a charity fund whose ultimate goal is to raise $ 5 million. This money will be used to purchase masks, bathrobes, gloves and other essentials for doctors around the world. The number of funds raised exceeded all expectations, so now 6.7 million dollars have been raised by the common efforts of philanthropists.

A Hollywood movie actor also released a series of T-shirts with his pets, where he asks everyone to stay home.
Arnold Schwarzenegger also published a pretty video in which he teaches his pet, Cherry’s dog, how to properly wash his paws during the quarantine. Previously, the actor was forced to cancel the sports festival The Arnold Sports Festival due to the outbreak of the virus in the United States.

Kylie Jenner
The famous blogger and already twice the youngest billionaire in the world by Forbes rating thanks to her beauty company did not stand aside from the disaster in the United States and donated $ 1 million for the purchase of goods. The youngest billionaire in the world Kylie Jenner gave a million dollars for the needs of emergency medical doctors in hospitals. . The star did not announce her contribution to the fight against the pandemic, but the doctor who took delivery from Kylie 2 years ago shared the news on the network. She said that she was praying for help from someone to provide all the doctors with everything necessary, and her joy knew no bounds when she found out that her former star patient had made a charity contribution.
Along with this, she added that all things bought for donations will be transferred “to the front line,” because “too many masks in hospitals disappear before they get to those who need them first.”

Angelina Jolie
The American film actress, who has long been known in Hollywood as a generous philanthropist, has donated $ 1 million to the No Kid Hungry charity, which provides food for low-income families. Since many schools give children and their families free meals when they are in school, now, due to the closure of schools in the midst of a pandemic, they do not have such an opportunity. All donated funds of Jolie will be distributed among 30 states.

In particular, in March, Jolie spoke about the creation of the UNESCO Global Coalition on Education, which will assist in organizing distance education for the period of the coronavirus pandemic.

Ralph Lauren
The famous American designer Ralph Lauren transferred $ 10 million to care for older people during the coronavirus pandemic and for children who need it. All funds have already been transferred to the Ralph Lauren Emergency Fund. In addition, his fashion brand Ralph Lauren began production of protective masks (250 thousand) and gowns (25 thousand) for doctors, who will be sent to several hospitals around the world.

Group U2
Irish rock band U2 amazed by the amount of their donations to fight against coronavirus. The musicians decided to transfer 10 million euros for the purchase of personal protective equipment for doctors in the fight against COVID-19 in Ireland. It is known that in the first cargo that arrived in Dublin, there were medical supplies from China, among which: 40 ventilation devices, about 60 thousand pairs of glasses, 200 thousand masks and more than a million disposable gloves. Musicians also decided not to publicize their contribution to the fight against the virus, and information could only be found from media reports.

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